How To Reduce Cellulite

The Natural Way

How To Reduce Cellulite The Natural Way

Cellulite, those ugly lumpy skin conditions which usually appears on the thigh, buttocks and upper arm is usually thought to afflict only people who have excess body fat. Well, that is not true because this affliction can also happen to people who are not overweight too.

Simply put, cellulite is usually caused by water retention and blood circulation problems and oftentimes, hormonal imbalances. The weakening of the connective tissues under your skin can also cause cellulite to appear over that area.

It is thought that 80% to 90% of women start to develop cellulite to varying degrees once they are out of puberty. If you think this is predominantly a woman's problem, then think again because a small percentage of men are also affected by this condition.

Most women desire to get rid of cellulite but many gave up doing so because they thought that there is nothing they can do about it after trying out some snake oil cellulite creams which did not work. Ladies, don't despair because there are ways that you can reduce the appearance of cellulite or to even get rid of them the natural way.

So how can you reduce or cure cellulite naturally? Well, heard of prevention being better than cure? How can you do that if you are already struggling with the cellulite on your body? Simple, you can start out by eating healthy low fat well balanced meals from now on. Numerous studies have proven that women who eat healthily from young age have far less issues with cellulite.

Then introduce a regular exercise routine into your lifestyle because exercise helps to keep your muscle toned and your skin looking good and firm. Exercise also improves circulation which in turn controls your cellulite naturally.

Your grandma is right. Drink a lot of water. Yes, plain water and not soft drinks or other sugar laden chemically processed beverages. This is because water can flush away the chemicals and toxins from your body and helps to improve blood circulation which in turn helps to prevent cellulite formation and may even reduce your existing cellulite.

And since you are making lifestyle changes by eating healthily and exercising regularly, then if you are a smoker, quit smoking as well. Many studies have concluded that quitting smoking can also reduce the appearance of cellulite because smoking causes damages to your blood vessels which restrict blood circulation causing the formation of, what else but ugly cellulite. So in order to prevent, reduce or even cure your cellulite problem the natural way is simply to eat, drink and exercise healthily.

Article Written By: Chris Chew

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